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We pride ourselves on our committment to our students and community. Happy Home Staff Belief Statement: In partnership with parents and the community and with the belief that all children are capable of success, we the staff at KES are dedicated to fostering each child's full academic potential;  building each child's self-esteem;  and empowering each child to become a responsible, respectful, and contributing citizen.  As ...
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Demo High School
Demo High School
27-D, Block A, Model Town, Lahore Lahore, Pakistan
Contacts:  0423-1234567

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Knowledge is Light

"A mirror to the past. And a vision for the future." A reminder of things past - of successes, hopes and dreams fulfilled and a promise of even brighter things to come."
This is what a many years of functioning is all about. 50 Years A landmark, a milestone in the history of an institution. Thousands of individuals have passed through the portals of Happy Home High School . Some have made a mark in public life. And surely, all who passed through this school have a lot to thank institute for what they received from it.

Many have been involved in the Inception and Growth of this institute over the last 50 years.
Principal- Mrs. Biula Tresslers
We acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of all those people who, in various capacities - as
Principals, Managers, Teachers, Parents, Past - Pupils and Parishnors have thrown in their lot
to help in the Growth of this Institute.


 Dated: 09-12-2011
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